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WinOS is an assembly-based operating system that is not for daily use. But, it is an operating system for anyone who wants to learn Assembly And C Language. This Opeating System is an open-source operating system. So, you can download the source code at the "Downloads" Page. If you wanted to puiblish an app to the WinOS Operating System. Please go to the "Developer" Page. FOr more details at open-source, publishing an application,

Start Up

Before downloading the Source Code. Please read this.
WinOS is a based-on assembly operating system. An it is still in development. But, you can download the source code. But, what you'll need to learn first.
Is that you will need theses requirements.


These are the requirements if you wanted to develop the operating system.

Operating System Programming Language Text Editor Compilers
Linux Distro (Ubuntu, Linux Mint-(I use this to develop),Fedora and others.) Assembly Language And C Language Any Text / Code Editor GCC, NASM and other compilers. You can learn more at:

Publishing an app to WinOS

Right now, you can publish an app. To the WinOS Operating System but, if you wanted to have a "Vertified Developer" on your app. You will need to wait until the enroll the developer of WinOS is finished.

These are the requirements
1. Assembly Language App.
2. Knows how to source code works.
3. Email to winsdominoes2018@gmail so, you can be the developer for an app.

Join our team!

If you wanted to develop the operating system with us, you can join the team of WinOS!
But, there are still the requirements.
1. Assembly, and C Skills.
2. Knows how the WinOS Operating System works.
If you pass the requirements. Then, please email me at: to join the team.

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